Are You Looking For A Property Coach ?

If you're looking for a Property Coach with plenty of experience in property, then you're in the right place.

If you're already in property, and want to streamline your processes and systems, and remove limiting beliefs, as well as increase your income, then this property coaching is for you.

This is highly focused, high performance property coaching.

People pay me thousands to coach them, and often they renew.

Why use a Property Coach ?

  1. 1
    Perhaps you're not getting the results you were hoping for ?
  2. 2
    Or maybe you're just getting stuck on how to grow?
  3. 3
    You may need to speak with someone on a regular basis (twice a month) who can keep you on track and challenge you on your efforts to get more out of you.

Just starting out and need Property Sourcing Training ?

Many successful people have coaches, and indeed, all sports people playing at the top of their game have several coaches.

The reason why you may want a property coach is that, you already have the knowledge, but are getting stuck getting through some of the obstacles thrown in your way.

Usually it's a mindset thing, and a quick chat will light up the way for you as you move powerfully into your future.

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How To Get The Right Property Coach

Getting the right property coach is vital.

There's nothing worse than starting coaching and then realising that you have more experience than the coach.

And then there's nothing worse than finding out that they've done 3 deals and decided to become a coach or that they've only done ok because the times were good.

A great coach is one who got through the 2008 property crash, and built a solid portfolio that funds their lifestyle providing both financial and time freedom.

That's the type of coach you want on board.

Someone who can help you identify the obstacles and easily give you advice because of extensive experience

To Become The Best You Can Be,
You Need A Property Coach.

Daniel Latto - Property Coach

So Why Choose Daniel Latto
To Be Your Property Coach?

  • Learn from a Property  Coach with Millions of Pounds worth of UK Properties under Investment in the UK
  • Who has had hundreds of clients achieve amazing things (from leaving work, to closing multi-million pound HMO deals)
  • Natural teaching style, no fluff, just authentic business advice and coaching that gets results for you and your business
  • Millions of pounds of Property in Leeds and the North of England
  • Financially free through property specifically (as opposed to just running a coaching & training company)
  • Manages the entire portfolio from the Villa in Spain (Systems)

Need Property Sourcing Training Instead?

If so you can take my Complete Property Sourcing Training Course for just £27 !

You can sign up Here >> Property Sourcing Training

My coaching is really for those who have already started their journey and discovered the hurdles that they need to overcome. So f you're brand new, then the Complete Property Sourcing Training Course is ideal if you're just starting out and want some information before you spend money on coaching.

If you're brand new, I highly recommend doing the Property Sourcing before you spend any money.

Key Benefits Of Property Coaching

But if you've decided that you want to go ahead and get the support of a coach to help push you through those barriers, then my coaching is available monthly or on a discounted annual price.

Create Unique Goals

When you create a powerful plan that's ready to execute, you'll feel much more ready to take it onboard.

Identify Obstacles

Once you know exactly where you're going, you can see what the obstacles are ahead are likely to be and plan for them.

Pinpoint Resources

When you know what the obstacles are, you can identify the resources you need to overcome them

Design Your Vision

When you know you can overcome your obstacles with ease, you can set a bigger vision for you and your business.

This is what's included

Private ONE ON ONE Property Coaching

When you sign up with me, you get me.  Not a 3rd party coach, but me, with 20 years of experience in the UK Property Investing Market.

An affordable way to get the guidance you need.

Most of my clients want to :

  • Increase Income & Wealth Through Property
  • Become Financially & Time Free
  • Learn how to scale and grow their Property business
  • Become set for life

Property Coaching Pricing

Despite the high price, my property coaching is amazing value for the right client.  The chances are you're already in property, and want to step up even higher.

There's a reason why I coach the coaches.  You're not paying an hourly rate, you're paying for millions of pounds worth of property of experience and over 20 years in property making money.

You receive 2 coaching calls per month.

Ready To Sign Up Now?

In order to ensure a good fit between us, it's application Process Only.

You Will Need To Complete The Form Before We Agree To Work Together.

FREE BONUS : Includes The Mastermind Group

When you sign up to this coaching, you'll also get access to our FACEBOOK Mastermind Group which has 3 separate group coaching sessions per week (Monday, Wednesday & Friday at 12 noon), INCLUDED FREE.

What Other People Say ...

About Daniel Latto

"Coming from a background where I had to work for everything I got, it taught me a lot about persistence and especially at finding the right way to get something done, whilst ignoring everyone telling me something won't work.

I think it' hard because listening to others is part of who we ae.  The difficulty is in trying to find someone worth listening to, who has 'done it' and is prepared to help others along their journey.

I like to think I'm accessible to others so they can achieve too."

Daniel Latto is a UK Property Millionaire who now lives next to the Mediterranean Sea in Spain.  He's also an NLP Master Practitioner and has a very solid reputation for getting results amongst his peers.

Daniel Latto

Is This Property Coaching Right For You?

Your course is not for everybody, so quickly check if we're a match here


  • Action Takers, people who are prepared to implement
  • Those who no longer want to be confined by their income
  • Motivated, eager people
  • Those who want to Fast Track their results


  • Those who haven't got the time to spare to actually do the work.  Any type of new business, and you must put the work in to get the results.
  • Those in Serious Credit Card Debt.   This is important - if you have large amounts of credit card debt, and NEED this training to help you get out of that , it's not going to work.  With the best meaning possible, you need to get hold of your financial education and start working towards paying off your credit card debt.  As they say in fitness, you can't outwork a bad diet - when it comes to your finances, you can't outwork bad money management.
  • Those Who Aren't Prepared To Take Risks.  The 1% Operate At A Level Of Risk Higher Than Others. That's Why They're The 1%
Ready To Take Action?

If you're ready to step up and take action, then we're waiting for you.   You can choose your plan below.

Daniel Latto


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How can I get a refund?

We want ALL our clients to be 100% focused on getting the result.  Therefore, we do not offer a refund.  Sign up - commit fully - get results. That's what success is about.

Vulnerable clients : If you feel you may fall into this area, then please, do not sign up.

How long do I have access to the coaching?

You have access to property coaching for the duration purchased.

One last thing...

We're here to help you - if you want to speak on the phone, then complete this form first

Why should I choose you as a coach

We've been in property for over 20 years now, and through that time have built up the right contacts who can provide the right type of coaching for you.

Why should I choose you as a coach

We've been in property for over 20 years now, and through that time have built up the right contacts who can provide the right type of coaching for you.

What About A Property Sourcing Coach?

As well as Property Coaching, I also provide Property Sourcing Coaching services for those who want to step up their game.

It's not for newbies or beginners however, it's for those who need a property sourcing coach to grow what they're already doing.

If you are a newbie or a beginner property investor, then you should start with the Property Sourcing Training for just £27.

Don't be Left Behind.

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